Catalogo Integrato del Mart

CIM, Catalogo integrato del Mart, is an open access database containing information on more than 40 personal artistic, architecture and art criticism archives. All contents are in italian. CIM records can be accessed in two ways:

  • by browsing through our collections and their structure, from general to specific, proceeding from the main level (archive or collection of papers) to detail: series, subseries, folders. Descriptions are also sometimes available at the item level (letters, writings, photographs, drawings, press clippings…);
  • via free text search using our user friendlye search engine. An advanced search allows you to refine your search using various filters (collections, date, type and others advanced options). Search results can be sorted by ID number, date, type.

In addition to the collections and papers available in CIM, Archivio del ‘900 also contains about 30 archive and library collections in the process of being described. Follow the link to look up descriptions of all the archive and library collections available in Archivio del ‘900.


CIM has been developed by memetic.

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